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Darjeeling - unlimited

Darjeeling, located in close proximity to some very serious mountains, is perhaps the most sought-after destination in India – for different reasons. Mountain lovers go there for the grandstand view of the third highest mountain in the world – Kanchenjunga. Train buffs steam their way up aboard the Toy Train –that wheezes and coughs its way up from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling – a distance of 50 miles in 7 hours. Suckers for nostalgia go there perhaps to experience Windamere. Tea lovers find their catharsis in The Golden Mile – a haven of tea-estates. And that’s not all!


Fondly known as the City of the Thunderbolt, Darjeeling (in the east Indian state of West Bengal) lies in the shadow of some of the highest mountains in the world – its panoramic canvas has twenty of the highest mountain peaks. Looming out of the mist, providing an early morning grandstand view to the city is its closest neighbour - Kanchenjunga – the third highest mountain in the world, and also believed to be the meditation abode of Lord Shiva. A majestic 8,000 metre high mountain just 50 miles away seems not just massive but has a humbling effect.

Mountains are what first brought early visitors to Darjeeling. It was the base for many expeditions to the Himalayan peaks – Nepal was not open to the public until 1950s. Edmund Hillary began several of his expeditions from here. It was from Darjeeling that G. L. Mallory and A.C. Irvine, members of the ill fated British Everest expedition of 1924 departed, and to which they never returned.

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Nathmulls Tea Room – the best tea shop in Darjeeling.

The Windamere Hotel

Loreto Convent Girls School



... all in the South Asian Life & Times (SALT) April - June 2008 issue

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