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My India, After 10 Years

By Jorge Freyer

After a 10 years absence, I was expecting to see a very different India. What I saw was an India not too different from that of 1997. My expectations were based on reports from my Indian friends and family living in the US that frequently travel to India. It seems to me that the effects of IT and call centres were highly overstated.

Yes I saw changes. More high-rises, many large malls, fewer people wearing traditional garments, lots of cell phones, big fancy hotels, etc… I also saw more traffic, more people, more garbage and more of everything. However, what remains the same to my pleasure is India’s healthy social structure.

As in the past, people seem happy, engaged and active. Social interaction at all levels is constant, either conducting commerce, or servicing the needs of large extended families. Cricket, Bollywood and politics are popular subjects with religion playing a daily role in virtually everyone’s lives. A storekeeper told me that Indians are always busy, and when they are not busy, there is time for Puja to keep you busy.

India is not operating in chaos, but has a social fibre that allows it to function in what would seem chaos to us. ....


Read the complete article in the South Asian Life & Times (SALT) April - June 2008 issue

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About the Author

Jorge Freyer, a partner with Hultquist Capital, an investment banking firm, has founded several technology companies. Recently he became a partner with India Global Solutions (co-founded by Sadhana Seelam), a company that promotes business activities and technology transfer between India and the US. He has been travelling to India since 1974 – his wife of 30 years was Indian. Born in Argentina in 1952, Freyer migrated to the US when he was eleven. He has a graduate degree from Stanford University.






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