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the-south-asian.com                         7  August   2000

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Editor’s Note


This is the inaugural issue of ‘the-south-asian’ – an attempt to reinforce the rich content of the South Asian region and its people. The six South Asian nations - Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka - have a history of shared traditions and spirituality – it is time we focused on those positive ideas. The similarities  are many and differences few. 

The last hundred years were perhaps the most violent in human history. South Asia, in the last five decades, has been through its share of bitter and brutal conflicts – some still ongoing. The politics of the region have been dictated, unfortunately, by religion and ethnicity – religion could well have been used to humanise politics. With 5000 years of cultural head start, the region had the advantage of  collective cultural wisdom and the potential for mature acts/ideas. The reality today is seemingly different. Destructive and frenzied rhetoric has taken over reflection and contemplation. The disparity between greed and contentment is ever widening. The word ‘religion’ is misused and abused. The real issues that face the south Asian countries today lie behind the smokescreen of religion and ethnicity.

More than fifty years ago, in a small village called Munde, in the Punjab province of what is now Pakistan, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs lived comfortably with each other – and the village had one common place of worship for all – the ‘Thadi’. This was progressive thought by simple folk in a small village!

However, the-south-asian remains a platform for the people of the region, their achievements, however great or small, their aspirations and their contributions to the everyday act of positive living.

The first issue of ‘the-south-asian’ is an eclectic mix. We hope you will enjoy your first and all subsequent readings of the e-magazine.  Your contribution towards positive thought will always be welcome.



Roopa Bakshi


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