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Welcome to the inaugural issue of 'the-south-asian'. This site is devoted to content on south Asia and its people. 

'The First People'

Wanniyala Aetto in Sri Lanka and Jarawa in Andaman Islands, India, are the oldest living groups in south Asia. They are perhaps the First south Asians. They live in tropical forests and are highly evolved individuals who have an intimate understanding of their environment. Yet, they are endangered - and need society's support to survive.

Elephant Polo in Nepal

Every winter a group of 50 60 fun loving and adventurous individuals from distant corners of the world get together on an airstrip near Kathmandu to participate in the only tournament of its kind Elephant Polo!


Pakistan's Modernists

bashir_mirza.jpg (43475 bytes)Artists in Pakistan adopted Modernism not as perpetuation of the First World hegemony but as a metaphor for change and economic freedom. The society was no longer being viewed in stereotypes or idealised images, but as an evolving nation faced with the challenges of transition.



Tareq Salahi

He is young, affable, makes award-winning wines, plays polo for the U.S. national team, works 8 days a week and creates a sparkling wine rated among the top ten in the world. At 31, Tareq Salahi has the wine lovers of the world wondering how he did it in Virginia!



Bringing south Asia closer

An account of one man's efforts to reinforce a south Asian agenda. Akhil Bakshi led the first ever attempt to bond the south Asian countries by leading an expedition through Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India. The mission was one of peace and understanding between the south Asian nations. He was accompanied on this journey by Sunil Dutt and a team of young people from the region.

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