August  2003  

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August  2003

             Music - The ancient musical instruments of India

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The article ...

A wide variety of Indian musical instruments have gone silent and are found only in museums. Professor Shiv Shankar Prasad has taken upon himself to revive the glory of ancient organology. Old temple paintings and sculptures show that the ancient Indian musicians used almost the same kind of instruments prevalent these days. The only change is the inclusion of many newer instruments  in the modern Indian repertoire - a result of the Muslim and later the British influence.  


            People - Ambassador Blackwill - 'What India means to me'

Ambassador Blackwill is returning to the US after a two year tenure  in India.  His Luncheon Speech in New Delhi came from the heart. "Someone once said, "the most sublime purpose of religion is to teach how to know God." India has been working on that challenge from a variety of perspectives for several millennia. It has been my immense privilege during these two years to experience, and to profit from, these profound wellsprings of Indian spirituality.

I will return to India. How could it be otherwise?

...And, thank you India for every single thing that I have discovered here. Mother India has changed my life -- forever."

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Read the speech


             Real Issues - Hindutva is not Hinduism

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Swami Agnivesh explains why Hindutva is not Hinduism

Hinduism is a way of life. It is a distinct culture, marked by politeness, hospitality, an intricate web of social courtesies, values, and relationships. The sound and fury of Hindutva are at stark contrast to all this. To assume that Hindutva has any kinship with Hinduism is to insult our religion and common sense. Hinduism stayed safe and steady despite every imaginable threat from outsiders. But this is the first time it is facing a massively organized and determined attack from within. When enemies put on the masks of saviours there is a need to wake up and resist them, lest by default a great spiritual tradition is degraded .


             Wildlife - Snehal Bhatt's mission to save cobras

For over a decade animal activist Snehal Bhatt has championed the cause of snakes. But in doing so she’s been threatened and physically attacked several times by poachers. In a rare tribute, the National Geographic Channel has produced a stunning film on her amazing mission. " I know snakes cannot speak. But the gratitude in their eyes when they’re saved, when they’re released, is something that I live for."

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Read on



              Other articles:

             Letter from Pakistan

             Reviews of books published in India and Pakistan

             Eggs, meat and ghee - villains or not?

             Government 2 citizen service delivery models

              Coffee Break - what's happening around us

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               Highlight of next issue

               Ila Behan - is she the Indian woman of the century?


              Winners in International Sports Events last month

               Sania Mirza - Wimbledon Junior Champion (Doubles)

               Leander Paes - Wimbledon Champion (M/Doubles)

               Vijay Singh - placed second in British Open (Golf)

                East Bengal football club, led by Baichung Bhutia, won 
                the ASEAN Cup in Football in Jakarta

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August  2003 



 Ancient musical
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 Robert Blackwill &
 What India means to 


 Karun Chandok - the 
 'Formula' of wins



 Government 2 citizen
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 Snehal Bhatt 
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 Book Reviews - India

 Bunker - 13

 Book Reviews 
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 Letter from Pakistan


 New research on
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 Tarun Thakral & his
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 Hindutva is not 

 Coffee Break

 Coke's toxic fertiliser 
 in Kerala

 Oldest planet sighted

 Bobby Jindal - the 1st
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 Silk Road on Wheels

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