South Asian Voice at Davos
     on Globalisation
     on Technology

Honoured at Davos 2001
     Anant Singh
     Iqbal Quadir

Technology   Feature     

Reinventing India

Role of Internet In South Asian Development
Successful case studies
    What the Gurus say
    - Vinod Khosla
    - Gururaj Deshpande

Technology - a weapon to
fight poverty.

South Asian success     stories
   - Bangladesh  
     Village Phone
     Village E-Mail
     Village Internet
   - Madhya Pradesh State
   - TARAhaat.com
   - Several more

Cultural feature
Sadhus - Holy Men of India
- Their Beliefs
- Their Sects



Sundown Madness at Wagah Border


Heritage & Travel

Rajasthan's Forest Forts


Three Brothers & A Violin 


Editor's Note



Silk Road on Wheels

South Asian Shop

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Editor's Note


This issue of 'the-south-asian' honours the several local initiatives and steps taken by individuals to combat poverty in South Asian countries - and honours the  local heroes who made it possible. Iqbal Quadir, an Investment Banker from Bangladesh, working in New York, pioneered the Village Phone - a model now being followed in rural India as well. The success of such initiatives can only motivate us to do more - these are positive steps towards empowerment of the economically weak segment of our societies. These are low-cost and viable solutions to our major problems. In the absence of a wise political leadership in the region, the collective effort of our citizens alone can resolve many of the issues - provided we have the will to focus on these eminently resolvable issues instead of directing our energies towards non-issues - the recent rampage to destroy Valentine Cards is just one insignificant example of how starved we are of good ideas. Cultures are not threatened by messages of love - but their survival is certainly threatened by messages of hate. What is even more frightening is the malleability of the human brain and the loss, at times, of our faculties to reason and reflect - to distinguish right from wrong. 

Our aim will remain to bring you positive cross-cultural feedback - without borders of any kind.


Roopa Bakshi















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