South Asian Voice at Davos
     on Globalisation
     on Technology

Honoured at Davos 2001
     Anant Singh
     Iqbal Quadir

Technology   Feature     

Reinventing India

Role of Internet In South Asian Development
Successful case studies
    What the Gurus say
    - Vinod Khosla
    - Gururaj Deshpande

Technology - a weapon to
fight poverty.

South Asian success     stories
   - Bangladesh  
     Village Phone
     Village E-Mail
     Village Internet
   - Madhya Pradesh State
   - TARAhaat.com
   - Several more

Cultural feature
Sadhus - Holy Men of India
- Their Beliefs
- Their Sects



Sundown Madness at Wagah Border


Heritage & Travel

Rajasthan's Forest Forts


Three Brothers & A Violin 


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Issue 2 / 2001



South Asian voice at Davos 2001
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Every year in January, leaders of industry and other prominent individuals get together in the ski resort of Davos, Switzerland, to brainstorm and discuss what ails the world and how it can be remedied. The meeting is known as the World Economic Forum. Of the 320 sessions held over 6 days over 70 were linked to South Asia. The two key areas involving South Asia were the issues of globalisation and the digital divide. Among the many representing South Asia, (Azim H. Premji, Fareed Zakaria, N. Chandrababu Naidu, Vandana Shiva, Yashwant Sinha, Masood Jabbar, M. Sawhney, Raj Reddy and Rajat Gupta - to name a few) were some whose views on globalisation and digital divide are highlighted in this feature. 

Sadhus - the Spiritual Adventurers of India by Dolf Hartsuiker
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Spiritual adventurers, ascetic warriors, devout mystics, occult rebels or philosophic monks, Sadhus remain a metaphysical curiosity. The media at the recent Kumbh Mela in Allahabad also focused heavily on Sadhus, who were present at this cosmic mela in thousands. Dolf Hartsuiker who is also the  author of the book 'Sadhus, Holy Men of India', writes about their practices, beliefs and different sects, not excluding the increasing number of disciples from the Far East and West.

Technology and its positive role in combating poverty

belllabs_small.jpg (6172 bytes)A Digital Divide or Digital Opportunity? - A positive South Asian focus on this issue through three information loaded articles:

Reinventing India by Mira Kamdar

Role of Internet in South Asian development by Salman Saeed

Digital yet Rural Success Stories from South Asia

Other Articles

Rajasthan's Forest Forts

Sundown 'Madness' at Wagah Border Post

Three Brothers and a Violin

and more.....

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