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 Cover Feature
PM's State-Visit to DC

 Sikhs - the proud face of India

 Manmohan Singh
 Marshal Arjan Singh
 Isher & Montek Ahluwalia
 Gen, JJ Singh 
 Dr. NS Kapany
 Khushwant Singh

Singh Twins
Maharaja Exhibition

From the Past

 Lahore of Yore


 Gul Panag

 Business & Industry

 India's Air Traffic Controllers

Living Heritage
ikh Regiment

Copenhagen Climate Summit

Climate Change Issues

50 years of climate change in Himalaya

 Face to Face
 My life as a diplomat - SJS Chhatwal

 Lahore of Yore

 Future Predictions

 Tarot Readings


Bill Moyers on Fundamentalism



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Editor’s Note

At the outset – a wonderful 2010 to all our readers – and a very safe one too.

This is the first issue of the year – a year that celebrates the 60th birthday of the Republic of India. We have, in the past, covered the contributions and achievements of several minority communities of India, including the Jews and Parsis. On this special occasion we have brought you a special feature on some of the eminent Sikhs – a community that comprises less than 2% of India’s population – and has given its country some of the finest minds and talent. Conversations with Gen. JJ Singh, Isher & Montek Singh Ahluwalia, The Singh Twins – Amrit and Rabindra, and a brief Q & A with Khushwant Singh – were fun and enlightening.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s State Visit to the United States – the first of Barack Obama’s presidency – was a day-long extravaganza at the White House. We have behind-the-scenes photos provided by the White House.

Another photographic journey, albeit an alarming one, is that of Himalaya. In 1956 Swiss glaciologist Fritz Muller and Austrian scientist Erwin Schneider measured and photographed the Himalayan glaciers. Fifty years later, in 2007, mountain geographer Alton Byers revisited many of the original photo sites and took replicates. The changes in the landscape, needless to say, are disturbing. The images tell a story of fast diminishing glacial ice and the dramatic effects of climate change in the world’s highest mountain range.

Bill Moyers, the veteran journalist and broadcaster, was interviewed by Michael Kresson of Beliefnet on the subject of Faith & Reason – it is perhaps the most reflective interview of the decade – on issues that affect humanity and not any particular nationality.

There is a lot more – hope you enjoy it all!

Roopa Bakshi











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