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PM's State-Visit to DC

 Sikhs - the proud face of India

 Manmohan Singh
 Marshal Arjan Singh
 Isher & Montek Ahluwalia
 Gen, JJ Singh 
 Dr. NS Kapany
 Khushwant Singh

Singh Twins
Maharaja Exhibition

From the Past

 Lahore of Yore


 Gul Panag

 Business & Industry

 India's Air Traffic Controllers

Living Heritage
ikh Regiment

Copenhagen Climate Summit

Climate Change Issues

 50 years of climate change in Himalaya

 Face to Face
 My life as a diplomat - SJS Chhatwal

 Lahore of Yore

 Future Predictions

 Tarot Readings


Bill Moyers on Fundamentalism








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Maj Gen (Retd) C S Panag, YSM,VSM

 The Sikh Regiments have participated in every war and military operation undertaken by the Indian Army (British India Army before 1947) and have distinguished themselves in valour and bravery. In recognition of the individual and collective acts of bravery, distinguished military service in battle and theatres of war the Regiment has been awarded Battle Honours (82) Theatre Honours (16) and 983 Individual Gallantry Awards which include 10 Victoria Cross before Independence in 1947 and 1758 Gallantry Awards post independence. It is today the most highly decorated Regiment of the Indian Army. The original Regiment of Ferozepur Sikh (now 4 Mechanised Infantry (1 SIKH)) is the most highly decorated unit (in gallantry awards) in the Indian Army and also among 'The Commonwealth Armies'. Two Battalions - 4 Mechanised Infantry (1 SIKH) and 2nd Battalion The Sikh Regiment have been conferred with the title of "Bravest of the Brave". In fact the Regiment believes in the motto ' Valour is our Tradition'.

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