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Amrit & Rabindra Singh – "The Singh Twins"

Copyright The Singh Twins

By Saloni Mathur

Daughters of a Sikh doctor who immigrated to North England from the Punjab, the London-born artists Amrit and Rabindra Singh are identical twins: they have the same DNA, they look and sound exactly alike, they wear the same clothing, and they received their training in art together. Often referred to as "The Singh Twins," the sisters have adopted the language of Indian and Persian miniature painting to depict the complex urban and domestic landscapes of the contemporary world. The twins have exhibited their work to international audiences in Britain, Europe, India, and North America: a recent show, titled "Past Modern: The Singh Twins," featured more than sixty paintings, and was hosted by UC Riverside in 2003 and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool in 2005. Significantly, Amrit and Rabindra’s collaborative practice is not simply an innocent expression of an affectionate bond between sisters, but rather a self-conscious engagement with the notion of singular authorship and the cult of the individual that has pervaded post-Enlightenment art historical tradition.

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 SALT conversation with The Singh Twins

The Singh Twins Amrit and Rabindra have exhibited worldwide. They describe their work as 'Past - Modern' – a rich, narrative, symbolic, visual, tapestry-like, and a very decorative language that transports one to a world of fantasy and fairy tales – a true wonderland – and also intelligent. "It takes four hours to finish a stamp-sized section of our pictures." Their work is virtually indistinguishable from each other’s and in real life they dress alike to the last detail. They are happy doing what they want to do – their own way.

Their next show is a major solo exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery from March 11 to June 20, 2010

In an exclusive with SALT, they talk of their work, and growing up in England in an extended family, and their father who has played such a vital and a cherished role in their lives.

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