January  2005 

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             Wildlife - Bird Trade

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Protected species listed in the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 are often traded locally or exported out of India under false names by camouflaging them with dyes. Till a few years ago, Green Munias or Avadavats were exported mixed with a flock of dyed female Red Muniah or were declared as exotic "Tiger Finch'.


             Films - Soha Ali Khan

Soha, daughter of actress Sharmila Tagore and former Indian cricket captain Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan and sister of actor Saif Ali Khan has crossed the Rubicon and decided to follow her mother and brother (in that order) in acting. Her debut film, Dil Maange More opposite heartthrob Shahid Kapoor has generated hype and curiosity and got her reasonably good reviews. She looks all set for a long innings in films. Excerpts from an exclusive interview

oha Ali Khan


             Textiles - Rahmani Handlooms of Pakistan

Rahmaniís inspiration comes from three main sources. The traditional Pakistani ethnic heritage,  the classical Mughal florals, the geometrics, and the spaciousness and sheer grandeur of the roof and wall panels of Mughal forts and palaces.   Read on ...


            People - Looking Back 2004

On October 1, 2004 Punita Arora  became the first woman officer to be Lieutenant General in the Indian army, and Padmavathy Bandopadhyay, the first woman to be Air Marshal in Indian Air Force. Both are doctors and were batchmates at the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune.

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           Protection of World Heritage Sites in Bangladesh & Nepal

           The Sacred Bride

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Between Heaven and Hell

Silk Road on Wheels

The Road to Freedom

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January  2005 


 Protection of World
 Heritage Sites
 Bangladesh & Nepal

 Pakistani Handlooms

 Bird Trade in India


 The Sacred Bride

 Victor Banerjee

 Soha Ali Khan

 Looking Back 2004

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 Between Heaven and Hell

  Silk Road on Wheels

 The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

 Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in


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