June / July  2005 

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June / July 


             Feature - Harappa

Reproduced in clay - Mother Goddess and a necklace from Harappa

South Asia is home to a number of key ancient civilization sites collectively called the Indus Valley Civilization, a term coined by Sir Mortimer Wheeler in the early 1920s. Only 5 % of these sites have been excavated. Of the well known sites, MohenjoDaro & Harappa are in Pakistan. The ancient ruins of the town of Harappa, lie next to the old bed of the Ravi river.  More ....


             Health - Rising incidence of AIDS among women

Over 1.9 million women in India are living with HIV AIDS. More than 90percent of these are married women in monogamous relationships. Rarely perceived as a major public health issue in India, AIDS has taken on nightmarish proportions in recent years. The large population, low literacy and even lower levels of awareness has made AIDS one of the most challenging public health problems ever faced by the country.


The article....


             Television - National Geographic Channel woos Bollywood

Akshay Kumar hosted programme on martial arts

Bollywood and television have finally joined hands. The stars of Karan Joharís film Kaal have collaborated with the National Geographic Channel to host a stunning wildlife series. And they are not alone. Many other top stars are being snapped up by channels for shows and serials. Some of National Geographic's most successful India-specific programmes have been hosted by filmstars.       Read on ..


            Films - Nazar - the first Indo-Pak venture on celluloid

The first Pakistani actress to have bridged both geographical and emotional divides in ten years, Meera is extremely excited about Nazar, the first joint production between Bollywood and Lollywood. She feels the film will help take the peace process between the two nations a step ahead

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           Other articles

           Dargah at Chamaliyal

           Tattoos - the new fashion statement 

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Between Heaven and Hell

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June / July  2005 

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 AIDS & married
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City of Harappa

National Geographic 
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 Dargah at Chamaliyal

 Nazar - 1st Indo-Pak

 film venture

 Tattoos - the new
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 Between Heaven and Hell

  Silk Road on Wheels

 The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

 Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in


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