November/December  2006

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November / December 2006


             Adventure - Bodh climbs his 4th 8000m peak

C N Bodh

Bodh is the only Indian to ascend the Death Zone of four of the world’s highest and most perilous mountains  - the Everest, Annapurana, Lotse and Kanchenjunga.
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             Books - Treasures of the Thunder Dragon

A new book Teasures of the Thunder Dragon: A Portrait of Bhutan by Her Majesty the Queen Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, the 51-year-old India-educated Queen of the mountain kingdom of Bhutan.  More...


             Heritage - Saving Kos Minars

A majority of the phallic-shaped pillars built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar have disappeared and a few that still exist have been vandalised and are falling apart. Now the Indian High Court has stepped in to save these important links to India’s history of highways. 
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            Music - Usha Uthup rocking at 58

"I want to laugh till I cry, and sing till I die," says Usha Uthup as she releases yet another feet-tapping album, We Believe in Now. But this one is for a cause - the entire proceeds would go to the Tsunami victims.

75 top singers of India have lent their voices to 10 songs in four different languages.



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South Asian Woman


Between Heaven and Hell

Silk Road on Wheels

The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in Bangladesh



Nov / Dec Contents 

 Real Issues
 Pakistan earthquake -
 a year later


 Saving Kos Minars

 Bodh - four 8000m
 peaks climbed

 Treasures of the
 Thunder Dragon

 Deepak Mehta
 - a legend at 24

 Usha Uthup - still
 rocking at 58


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 Between Heaven and Hell

  Silk Road on Wheels

 The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

 Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in


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