December  2004 

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In Memoriam

Renowned Carnatic vocalist, M S Subbulakshmi passed on in Chennai on 12 December. She was 88.

Born in Madurai in 1916, Subbulakshmi was admitted to a private hospital recently, initially for a complaint of 'hyperglycemia' , and later for broncho pneumonia.

A Magsaysay award winner, Subbulakshmi also received the 'Bharat Ratna', India's highest civilian award, in 1996. She had also acted in a few Tamil films and was married to Sadasivam, a well known Congress figure, who died in 1997.

Well known for her benevolence, Subbulakshmi gave over 250 charity concerts in aid of schools, hospitals, temples across the country. She will be missed.

             Wildlife - Mike Pandey wins his third Panda

Mike Pandey
- in plea of the vanishing elephant

The Delhi-based noted wildlife filmmaker Mike Pandey recently won another Panda Award, popularly known as the Green Oscar,for his latest documentary, Vanishing Giants. "The Award is incidental. The idea of the film is to awaken people to the horrific plight of a captured elephant," he says .          Read more...


             People - Shabana Azmi

"I am a woman, an Indian, a daughter, a wife and a Muslim." And she adds with a smile, "I can’t separate any of these layers from the other. They are all a part of who I truly am."  She has a style that is extraordinary, beauty that is classic and an intellect that keeps ticking. She is a social activist, politician and a versatile actor all rolled into one.  Read on....

Shabana Azmi


             Books -  Mira and the Mahatma

Sudhir Kakar's Mira And The Mahatma (Penguin) is a semi-fictional account of the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and Madeline Slade, the daughter of a British admiral. Madeline became Mahatma’s disciple and thus begans an extraordinary association between two individuals

Read on....


            Heritage - Jahangir's Hiran Minar

Jahangirpura [now called Sheikhupura ]  lies about 40 km. northwest of the city of Lahore in Pakistan. Its foundation was laid during the Mughal Emperor Jahangir reign (1605-1627). Sheikhupura was the Royal Hunting Ground. The current Tall Minar was built by Jahangir for his favourite antelope "Mansraaj" . The gravestone, as per Jahangir’s instruction was built in the shape of an antelope and the epitaph written by Mullah Mohammed Hussain Kashmiri.……‘ In this beautiful & healthful place, God-thirsty Nuruddin Jahangir captured a deer; in one month the deer left his jungle habits and soon became the king of the Royal Deer .’

Hiran Minar



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December  2004 


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 Between Heaven and Hell

  Silk Road on Wheels

 The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

 Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in




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