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Indo-Pak Focus
50Year Photo Retrospective

The 'People' Effort

Agra Summit- the happier moments

Begum Sehba Musharraf's time in India

Cuisine Diplomacy

Open Letter to the General and the PM

Indo-Pak Reconciliation School

Kiran Bedi's screen debut 

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By the Young, for the Young' 

Fashion Graduates - India

Pakistan School of Fashion Design

Adopting Historic sites

Benoy Behl- documenting
India's ancient art

Preventive Medicine - How it

Aamir Khan - an interview

Adnan Sami

'United for Gujarat' - the first South Asian concert'

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Dr. Kamal Vilku -India's first lady in Antarctica

Speaking Stones - Heritage
Sites in India


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Pakistan's First Lady - Begum Sehba Musharraf 

 in India


Pakistan's First Lady Begum Sehba Musharraf was seldom in news - until she accompanied her husband President Pervez Musharraf to the Agra Summit in India. The first glimpse of Sehba Musharraf was as she stood by the side of her husband ready to step down the PIA aircraft that brought them to Delhi. Looking relaxed and smiling, she seemed happy to be there. Throughout her stay in India, it was a pleasant and a smiling Sehba that the nation saw. Her happiness and smile seemed genuine - which is enough to endear any guest to the hosts. She was comfortable in her surroundings, at ease with people, human in her reactions and confident as a woman. These pictures say it all!


arr-plane_door_opens-AP.jpg (19425 bytes)

Arrival in Delhi - happy to be there!

  mush_and_sehba_disembark-AP.jpg (15611 bytes) first families-AFP.jpg (29204 bytes) mush_and_sehba_rcvd_by_pres_and_wife-AP.jpg (28035 bytes)

Smiling through her role as the First lady of Pakistan

mush and sehba at raj ghat-AFP.jpg (35814 bytes) 
At Raj Ghat - Mahatma Gandhi's Memorial

Nirmala deshpande Begum sehba dr mohini giri-WIPSA 14 july-PTI.jpg (19585 bytes) sehba_at_cottage_emporium-PTI.jpg (29325 bytes)
L-R: Holding hands with WIPSA (Women's Initiative for Peace in South Asia) members Nirmala Deshpande and Dr Mohini Giri; at the Cottage Emporium in Delhi examining the details of a carving

pres_and_usha_narayan_pres_mush_and_sehba_banquet_at_pres_14_july-AFP.jpg (44025 bytes) atal_and_sehba_toasting_14_july2001.jpg (37938 bytes)
At the State Banquet - the perfect First Lady

musharraf_and_sehba_at_taj-15_july-AFP-Mandel_Ngan.jpg (55313 bytes) mush_and_sehba_at_taj_15_july-PTI-PP_Sarkar.jpg (26940 bytes)
At the Taj with her husband

sehba_at_agra_fort_taj_in_backgrond-PTI-shirish_shete.jpg (37800 bytes) sehba_at_agra_fort-PTI-Shrish_Shete.jpg (36205 bytes) 
At Agra Fort

sehba_at_chishti_dargah-15_july-PTI-PP_Sarkar.jpg (61701 bytes)  sehba_at_sikri_15_july-PTI_PP_Sarkar.jpg (31606 bytes) 
'Praying for Peace' at Salim Chishti's Dargah in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra

sehba_and_vajpayeebefore_dinner_15_july-PTI-prabhat_pandey.jpg (22318 bytes)
Being led to dinner by PM Vajpayee





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