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Delhi – The Resilient City

Kashmiri Gate

– the most exclusive neighbourhood of 1800s

St. James's Church

Kashmiri Gate is the northern gate of the walled city of Delhi, so named because the road from here led to Kashmir. The area adjoining the Kashmiri Gate once had palaces and homes of Mughal nobility. In 1803, when the British first began settling in Delhi, this area became the preferred residential area of their elite. The Resident and the Deputy Resident of Delhi set up their homes here – giving Delhi two of its most exclusive addresses of the time. Other Britishers followed – and soon it turned into a fashionable quarter – complete with a church and exclusive shops – losing its enviable status to Lutyen’s Delhi or New Delhi as it emerged in 1931 as the pride of Delhi. Nothing of Kashmiri Gate’s past grandeur – either Mughal or British colonial is visible today. The former residences lie hidden – some in back lanes, and some readapted to different uses – others just crumbling.

Kashmiri Gate gained national attention during the first war of Indian Independence in 1857, when freedom fighters fired cannon balls from this gate at the British and used the area to assemble for strategizing fighting and resistance. It has now been declared a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Famous residents, homes and landmarks of Kashmiri Gate

St. James’s Church – The Oldest Church in Delhi (Built 1836)

James Skinner – aka Sikandar Sahib

The Old Residency / Dara Shikoh’s Library

William Fraser Bungalow

The Metcalfe House

St. Stephen’s Hostel

British Magazine – the 1857 relic


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