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The Super Four of 2010

SALT Feature

Four South Asian sportsmen created sports history in 2010 – in cricket, golf, and tennis – in three consecutive months. It was on July 22 that Muralitharan, the endearing spin-bowler from Sri Lanka got his 800th Test wicket on what came to be the last ball of his Test career. This is a world record – difficult to surpass. Shane Warne, the second-highest wicket-taker in Test cricket is still 92 wickets behind. On August 22, Arjun Atwal made a pressure-packed putt for par on the final hole at Sedgefield to become the first Indian to win on PGA Tour. In early September, Bopanna and Qureshi, the first-ever Indo-Pak doubles team, played their first Grand Slam final with their message ‘Stop War, Start Tennis'.

SALT brings you exclusive conversations with Atwal, Bopanna, and Qureshi.
Muralitharan was in South Africa and could not be reached.


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