JANUARY   2002
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 Pakistani Literature
 - Evolution & Trends

 V S Naipaul
His Nobel Lecture

 Visual Arts

 South Asian Art - shared
 cultural frontier
- shared
 cultural frontier

 Rare photographs of Indian
 nobility found at Lafayette


 The Jullundur Brigade


 India & China - major global
 players by 2025

 Foreign Investors in India's 
 IT Industry


 Muzaffar Ali


 Shandur Polo Festival

 Chogan - the original Polo

 Indian Polo turns Blue Chip


 'Knock at Every Alien Door'
 - Serialisation of an
 unpublished novel by
 Joseph Harris


Boston Peace March


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Silk Road on Wheels

The Road to Freedom

Enduring Spirit

Parsis-Zoroastrians of

The Moonlight Garden

Contemporary Art in Bangladesh




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Kavita Devgun


The Royal & the Regal Ladies



Princess Bamba Sophia Jindan & Princess Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh
daughters of Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of Punjab.

maharajas-Princesses_Bamba_and_Catherine_of_Punjab-f.jpg (75298 bytes)

Princess Bamba Sophia Jindan [1869-1957] and Princess Catherine Hilda Duleep Singh [1871-1942], the older daughters of Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of Punjab, who signed over the ownership of the Kohinoor diamond to the British.

The Princesses were born to Duleep Singh’s first wife, Maharani Bamba [daughter of a German banker and a Coptic Christian slave from Abyssinia]. Duleep Singh spent most of his life in England. He later became anathema to the British by plotting against their imperial interests.

Princess Bamba Sophia died in Lahore, Pakistan, and claimed to be the real ruler of Punjab. Princess Catherine died unmarried and was so devoted to her German governess Fraulein Lina Schafer, that in her will she stated that one quarter of her ashes were to be buried as near as possible to Schafer’s grave.




Rani Amrit Kaur Sahib of Mandi

maharajas-Rani_Amrit_Kaur_of_Mandi-f.jpg (33771 bytes)
Rani Amrit Kaur Sahib of Mandi was the only daughter of Maharaja Sir Jagatjit Singh Bahadur of Kapurthala, by his third wife, Rani Prem Kaur alias Anita Delgado - a ‘Flamenco dancer’ and dancing associate of Mata Hari, the spy. This surprising match and the ensuing wedding festivities in Spain gave rise to an expression still used to describe those seen to hitch their star towards climbing the social ladder - `as if they are getting married to a maharaja’.

During her visit to London, King George V and Queen Mary received the Rani before the third court of the Season on June 26, 1924. The Rani’s conspicuous lack of jewels was in stark contrast to her father who spent up to a quarter of his revenue annually buying swags of pearls and emeralds for himself.



A rare picture of Lady Meherbai Tata, wife of Sir Dorabji Jamsetji Tata.

maharajas-Lady_Meherbai_Tata-f.jpg (40068 bytes)A rare photograph of Lady Meherbai Tata who was married in 1898 to Sir Dorabi Jamsetji Tata, chairman of Tata Sons Ltd. and the Tata Companies Ltd. She was summoned to court in June 1924 and  got herself photographed in her adaptation of the court dress. After she died of leukemia in 1932 her husband set up two trusts in her name---the Lady Meherbai Tata Education Trust for enabling women graduates to study social work abroad and the Lady Tata Memorial Trust which promoted research on blood related diseases.








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