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Power and Resistance
The Delhi Coronation Durbars
1877 – 1903 – 1911

Edited by Julie F. Codell

Published by Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd
The Alkazi Collection of Photography, 2012

Hardcover – Pages 244
Price Rs 3,500 - $75

 The Delhi Durbars were coronations of English monarchs as emperors or empress of India: Victoria in 1877, Edward VII in 1903, and George V in 1911. These were mega spectacles, celebrated with pomp, ceremony and fanfare. “The Delhi Coronation Durbars’ is a collection of photographs, from the Alkazi collection, taken during the 34 years between the first and the third durbar.

Historically, the era spans a period of aggressive Empire-building - that offered rich opportunity for artists and photographers to travel and enrich their visual vocabulary. The diversity of interesting subjects within India opened an entirely new category of imagery. The photographs range from architectural and ethnographic documentation to portraits of Maharajas and British royalty in India - and includes photographs taken by different photographers, including  the Indian photographer Lala Deen Dayal, and Samuel Bourne, one of the best known British photographers working in India in late 19th century. Each photograph is a visual short story.

The grandeur and opulence of Maharajas, and the lavish Imperial lifestyle, stand out in stark contrast to  the chilling dignity of A Tailor, and A beggar – two 1903 illustrations by Mortimer Menpes.

Despite a rich collection of some rare photographs, rural India is sadly missing from the collection. Edited by Julie F. Codell, this handsome publication is an experience - of nostalgia.  It is not just a photographic documentation, but also contains perceptive essays by Benjamin Cohen, Deepali Dewan, Jim Masselos, Saloni Mathur, Christopher Pinney, Gita Rajan, James Ryan and Julie F Codell that recapture the challenge of early days of photography.

A must have for all Delhi, Raj, and India lovers.


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